Ticket Booths


TicketBooth-DayOur prefabricated ticket booths are delivered to your site 100% complete and ready to be hooked up to your power on site.  All lighting switches and outlets are installed prior to delivery.  Once delivery is made the ticket booth is set in place and the through wall AC/Heat units are installed.

Ticket booths come in depths of 8 or 10’ with lengths starting at 10’-0 and increasing up to 60’-0.

Ticket booths are framed with steel and have a galvanized steel base.  The exterior is 26 gauge RF panel sheet metal available in a variety of colors (other exterior finishes are available).  The interior is sheetrock walls with a standard faux leather (other wall finishes are available upon request).  The floors are commercial vinyl tile.  The windows are insulated argon filled low E 366 tempered glass in vinyl frames or you can choose from a variety of pre-manufactured exchange window systems.

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