Press Boxes

Jarrell ISD Press Box MD FacilitiesOur prefabricated press boxes are delivered to your site 100% complete and ready to be hooked up to your power on site. All lighting switches and outlets are installed prior to delivery. Once delivery is made the press box is set in place and the through wall AC/Heat units are installed.

Press boxes come in depths of 8 or 10’ with lengths starting at 12’-0 and increasing by 6’-0 increments up to 60’-0. As long as square footage is less than 500 square feet an elevator is not required. We offer press boxes with a level front wall or a titled front wall. The tilted wall decreases reflection on the windows making your view clearer.

Press boxes are framed with steel and have a galvanized steel base. The exterior is 26 gauge RF panel sheet metal available in a variety of colors. The interior is sheetrock walls with a standard faux leather (other wall finishes are available upon request). The floors are commercial vinyl tile. The windows are insulated argon filled low E 366 tempered glass in vinyl frames.

We offer a rooftop viewing platform the depth and length of the press box as option. The standard is no roof top viewing platform. Room sizes are customizable.

Recent  Press Box Projects