Frequently Asked Questions

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Are modular buildings safe and well constructed?

Modular buildings are built with quality structural materials ensuring sustainability. Modular buildings are required to meet the same building codes as traditional construction. They are also constructed in such a manner as to maintain their structural and aesthetic virtues during transportation to the project site. Whether they permanent are permanently affixed in one location or relocated from location to location, our structures are built to last for years and years.

What materials are used to construct modular buildings?

Modular buildings are constructed using only the best quality building materials that are the same as you would find in conventionally constructed buildings.

The building’s base is structural steel while the framework for the walls and roof is constructed of either wood or steel and concrete depending on the needs, design, and site requirements

What materials are used in permanent modular building foundations?

The foundation materials used for permanent modular buildings are dependent upon the site conditions and soil types. Typically we will use concrete with steel reinforcement.

What options do I have for customizing my modular building?

Designs and layouts for modular construction are not limited. We have tried and true layouts but can provide custom layouts per your requests. We specialize in designing your modular building to be everything you want it to be. Whether you know exactly what you want or just have an idea of what you want we can help you make it a reality by working with you and advising you as much as you like.

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