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Choices – Advantages of Modular Buildings

April 7, 2016

You have options regarding the design your modular building, bring your own floor plan and specs or simply choose from a number of standard layouts. If you would like a custom appearance, we can offer you a wide array of interior and exterior finishes, ensuring that your new building or building expansion fits perfectly with the existing architecture at your facility.

Options – Advantage of Modular Buildings

April 7, 2016

Portable, moveable, reusable – all describe the flexible nature of modular buildings. Temporary modular buildings can be easily relocated to another location or quickly refreshed for use on a new project. Furthermore, modular buildings can quickly be expanded by adding more modules to an existing building.

Quality Advantages of Modular Buildings

April 7, 2016

The factory environment allows for close quality control ensuring that your prefabricated building is constructed with quality and precision cheap cialis generic online. The assembly-line techniques allow for skilled laborers to perform tasks in a repetitive manner thus resulting in a dependable product each time. Building materials used are always stored and installed inside the manufacturing plant providing protection from the weather throughout the fabrication process, preserving the integrity of the materials.

Time Saving Advantages of Modular Buildings

April 7, 2016

How can MD Facilities help? One of modular construction’s best advantages is that it can reduce the time from start to use by as much as 50%. This is critical, especially when your facility is revenue-producing. What makes modular so fast is the simultaneous off-site fabrication of the modules with all site tasks like excavation, foundations, electrical site work as well as the setup of any other required site utilities. Scheduling of the site work and building fabrication are planned so that each module is delivered to the construction site up to 95% complete and are usually immediately set in place go to these guys.